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Egyptian Journal of Agronomy (EJA) is a peer-reviewed international scholarly journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, note articles and letters to the editor in the fields of agronomy and agroecology and covers all fields of crop science.

It is the official journal of Egyptian Society of Crop Science and is published by the National Information and Documentation Center (NIDOC) that is affiliated to the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.

Current Issue: Volume 46, Issue 1, April 2024 

Evaluation of Some Wheat Genotypes Under Normal and Water Deficit Conditions in North Delta

Pages 13-27


Mohamed S. Abd El-Aty; khaled M. Gad; Mohamed A. M. Eid; Marwa M. El-Nahas; Mostafa O. Shehata

Identification of Informative Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) Markers forTesting of Hybridity in Maize

Pages 75-83


Abdel Sattar A. Abdel Sattar; Heba A. Mahfouze; Sherin A. Mahfouze; Negm S. Abdel Samea; Ramadan M. Esmail

Environmental Stability and Adaptation of Several Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Cultivars with Different Climate Change

Pages 103-113


Mahmoud I. Abo-Yousef; Mohamed S. Abd Elaty; Fouad A. Sorour; Mahmoud Salem; Ibrahim A. Talha; Mohamed M. Bahgt

Exploring Genetic Variation through Line x Tester Analysis of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Genotypes for Yield and Oil Traits under Adverse Environment

Pages 131-139


W. Ali A. Jatoi; Majid Hussain Kaleri; Nasreen A Fatima; Shahnaz Memon; Asia A Mengal; Tarique Ahmed Baloch; Inam Ali Jatoi; Ruksar Samo; Arifa A Anwar; Nabeela Khokhar