Aims and Scope

Aim and Scope

Egyptian Journal of Agronomy is an international, peer-reviewed and regularly issued journal that publishes three classes of manuscripts after refereeing by two independent reviewers. These include articles (full papers), notes and review articles.  The Egyptian Journal of Agronomy covers the following topics:

  • Crop physiology

  • Abiotic stresses

  • Crop production and management including irrigation, fertilization and soil management

  • Agroclimatology and modelling

  • Plant-soil relationships

  • Irrigation and irrigation systems

  • Crop quality and post-harvest physiology

  • Farming and cropping systems

  • Agroecosystems and the ecology and environment of crops

  • Crop-weed interactions and management

  • Organic farming

  • Agriculture machinery

  • Climatic change impacts on agriculture

  • Statistic, predicting and modelling

  • Genetics and breeding

  • New technologies in agriculture

  • Seeds and fibre technology

  • Crop production economics