Exploring Genetic Variation through Line x Tester Analysis of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Genotypes for Yield and Oil Traits under Adverse Environment

Document Type : Original Article


1 Sindh Agricultural University, PAKISTAN

2 Department of PBG, SAU, Tandojam Pakistan

3 Agriculture Reseearch Center, Tandojam

4 B-34 Jam Buglows


The genetic analysis indicated significant differences between treatments, inbred parents, F1 hybrids and parents versus hybrids for yield and oil traits. The noteworthy variances between parents vs. hybrids indicated the importance of heterosis breeding whereas line × tester revealed the prominence of specific combing ability and involvement of dominant genes. General combining ability of lines and testers indicated that lines, HO.1, Mehran and Thatta and from testers UC-666 and B-2 were good combiners for oil traits were regarded as best general combiners, thus these inbreds may be crossed to produce prolific hybrids. Specific combining ability and heterotic estimates are essential genetic parameters presenting worth of F1 hybrid expansion. The hybrids like Thatta × UC-666, Mehran × Peshawar-93 and Ho.1 × B-2, on the basis of SCA and heterotic effects were found as potential hybrids for yield and oil parameters in both the environments. These results are suggested that such lines, testers and their F1 hybrids may be utilized in breeding programme for the development of more recombinants


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